Which wedding accessories?

Traditionally grooms and their groomsmen have worn morning suits on their wedding day and its still a tradition that many follow today. For a more formal setting this works perfectly. But what if you fancy a little something different?

My groom tried on a hired morning suit and it just wasn’t for him. He didn’t do the little skip and a hop I did when I finally found “the dress”. That made me feel a little sad for him, everyone should feel special on their day.  It made me appreciate that things have moved on and if you want to express style and fashion as a groom today, you can. It also meant my English Gentleman had a great excuse to buy a new suit!

There are lots of ways to style yourself as an English Gentleman. Here are our top accessories for a less formal wedding starting at the bottom, or should I say feet?

attachment-1It was once expected that formal dress shoes would be worn but with weddings. With those feet having to last over twelve hours the wedding party are thinking style and comfort over formality and pulling out the pumps. I love this bride and grooms quirky look with matching Converse. The whole wedding party can join in, on this look also. The more the merrier I say.

Button holes have come along way since the humble carnation. With some amazing sprays out there from foliage, stunning floral displays and even feathers making an appearance. An old work colleague of mine had feathers in her bouquet, just a simple touch but I still remember her flowers. Stunning.


The whole quirky vintage look with pocket squares has been a firm favourite with grooms and accessorising with bow ties or ties. Matching or contrasting the world is your oyster. Here’s a couple of examples to get you started…

attachment-1-003Braces are  more than just a functional item holding your trousers up after one too may Champagnes. They add a vintage feel to the outfit – the groom can stand out of the crowd with a slightly different colour or design to his ushers.

What ever your preference, get the look in our online shop.

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